AI’s impact on the insights profession

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) garners more frequent and alarming headlines surrounding its potential impact on society, angst about the future of many careers is heightened. The democratization of AI will force established professionals to wonder what the future holds for their profession. In the marketing research industry, it is not difficult to see the potential impact of AI. Ask ChatGPT to create a discussion guide for an interview with a consumer about how they choose toothpaste and within a minute a working draft is ready for review.

Making Community Research Easy and Enjoyable

Driving for insights within Online Research Communities is only possible through the ongoing participation of our respondents. As part of our continuous improvement here at MarketVision Research, we conducted research with our community members to learn what drives their participation in Online Communities. Through this research, we discovered some key themes about the “why” behind research participation and how to make the experience more enjoyable for members.

Change is the Only Constant, Part 2

Market Research and Regulatory Developments in Europe

This post is the second installment of the Change is the Only Constant series. Read part 1 here:

Change is the Only Constant, Part 1

Market Research and Regulatory Developments in China

Privacy regulation and associated requirements are often seen as a frustration that arises when working in Europe or with European clients, as though you’re either subject to GDPR or nothing, and for many market researchers based in the United States, that perception may reflect the reality of their work, which is likely to be focused on the United States and EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom). But privacy is a global concern governed, for the most part, by a patchwork of national laws.

Marketing Research in the Era of Big Data

Big data is one of those topics that seem to crop up cyclically in the news circuit, sometimes with scary-sounding article titles proclaiming the demise of traditional primary marketing research. While big data won’t kill traditional marketing research, there is overlap between the two fields, which present a great opportunity for collaboration in order to develop more meaningful insights.

A Beautiful Blunder Highlights the Need for Insights

Imagine a successful consumer focused business with tens of billions in annual revenue headquartered in the EU looking to grow profit and potentially gross margin in a captive, yet static market. Looking across the pond to the US, leadership in the business decides to mirror their American counterparts, assuming what is working in the States will translate to greater profit and revenue opportunities across the European and UK marketplace.

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