The Power of Online Communities

What is a Marketing Research Online Community?

An online community is a dynamic platform for customer engagement utilizing both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Communities may be used to facilitate deeper and on-going conversations with customers or when agility and flexibility is needed for your research design.

MarketVision’s Online Communities Platform is in its 3rd generation and includes features customized to support your research. Online communities can be short-term pop-up communities, supplemental to other research activities, or long-term for continual engagement.

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Read about how the #2 Pediatric hospital in the US is using communities

Things to Know

MarketVision can be involved as much or as little as you want. We help set up a project plan and work with clients to drive the appropriate engagement with participants.

All community managers are RIVA-trained

Community Designs  

Community designs can vary in duration and size of groups

Pop-up (days to weeks) Short Term (weeks to a few months)
Long Term (months to years)

Online Integration  

Seamless online integration of platform features

Surveys and Polls Bulletin Boards
Webcam Interviews Chats
Collage and Homework Tools Multimedia – Audio and Video
Diaries Blogs



Data Files Full Reports
Infographics Custom Deliverables

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