Behind the Mask: Uncovering the New Normal for the Next Gen

Behind the Mask was an initiative intended to provide a front row seat to understanding how this time during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and changed the Next Gen, specifically:

  • Understand how the new normal has influenced new or changed thoughts and behaviors.
  • Dig into their emotional journey and the impact it has had on their outlook for the future.
  • Learn how these changed behaviors and heightened emotions will impact their perceptions and drive expectations for brands and business moving forward.

Additionally, because we will be behind the screen for a while, we took advantage of the opportunity to beta test a variety of virtual methodologies to continue innovating the ways in which we communicate with respondents in the research world.


Allyson Sovinsky

Allyson Sovinsky
Sr. Qualitative Associate

Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall
Qualitative Assistant

Behind the Mask:
Uncovering the New Normal for the Next Gen

Video Podcast (20 mins): January 2021

Infographic: Download

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