Building a Mentorship Culture

Our team members exemplify our culture and values in so many ways and we love sharing their stories.

Becky Shultz, Senior Vice President with MarketVision, has a passion for helping others and was instrumental in the creation of our Mentorship program to inspire and lead the next generation.

Becky was recently featured in 100 Souls Strong, an initiative that compels women to understand their own strength and inspire others.

The founder of the 100 Souls Strong project, Kristen Miyeko Bales selected Becky for her ability to live fearlessly. “Becky knows who she is and makes those around her feel known. With humor and humility, Becky invites others to see the world, not just as it is, but how it could be.”

In her 10 years at MarketVision, we have also seen these traits shine through in her leadership and development of our growing Qualitative team. Check out this excerpt from 100 Souls Strong in which Becky speaks from the heart about her mantra 'Shine Bright' and how it fuels her desire to help others tap into their full potential.

As just one example, Becky has played an instrumental role in launching a Mentorship Program that has proven to be a very meaningful way for team members to learn and support one another both personally and professionally. In the words of one of our rising professionals, "In joining MarketVision I was so excited to hear about the Mentorship Program and taking part in it, I find it very beneficial. I am grateful to have someone I can go to for advice and questions big or small. I also love that we are similar, yet still different enough to where my mentor offers fresh perspective and ideas with me." What started as a Beta test pilot has really flourished into a powerful program that empowers people individually, while also fostering cohesion and community as a team. If you have an interest in this arena, feel free to reach out to connect with Becky directly to gain insight from our experience. Coaching and Mentorship are topics she's passionate about connecting with others on to ignite more sparks!

Thank you, Becky for serving as a light for our clients, at our company and within our teams. As always, Shine Bright.

For more information about 100 Souls Strong, check out https://kristenmiyeko.com/

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Becky Shultz

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